Meeting The Challenge

The success of the World Health Organization’s Conference on Safe Communities coming up here May 7-9, 2002 will hinge on the support of district residents.
Fortunately, dozens have stepped to the plate and are eager to meet the challenge.
Among them is Diane Maxey, who signed up as the volunteer co-ordinator during an open house at the WHO headquarters last week. It will be a daunting task, certainly, but she can barely contain her enthusiasm these days.
And why not? With more than 300 delegates expected to attend, she’s right in saying the conference will present countless opportunities to meet people from all over the world while showcasing what Northwestern Ontario is all about.
Frankly, this is one of the biggest events to ever hit Rainy River District.
Conference co-ordinator Jeannette Cawston also is glad to have Mrs. Maxey on board, describing her as a great community leader who does a great deal of volunteering here.
“Her energy and enthusiasm will be a great asset to our conference,” she added.
While Mrs. Maxey is pleased with the number of people who already have signed up to help out, and thinks they’re off to a good start, she knows the job has just begun. More volunteers will be needed over the next six months leading up to the conference, not to mention community support, as we welcome the world to our door.
After all, staging a world-class conference will take a world-class effort.
But as we’ve seen with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and countless other events, district residents are up to the task. We’ve done it before and, working together, we can do it again.