Meet candidates

The starting lineup for the Thunder Bay Rainy River Riding is now complete.
On Monday evening, Dr. Marcus Powlowski was named the Liberal candidate for the coming election. He joins Conservative Linda Rydholm and New Democrat candidate Yuk-Sem Won on the ballot.
The election date is set for Oct. 21. The three candidates are all vying to fill the seat of single-term candidate, Dan Rusnak, who defeated the New Democrat incumbent John Rafferty. Rusnak had chosen not to run again citing family commitments.
What do we know about the upcoming election? Are there major issues that will be the focus of the election?
Will the environment, green energy and pipelines become the focus of the electorate? Will the dread of SNC Lavalin–and it being entwined with Prime Minister Trudeau–be an issue?
Will the indecision of the Liberal government to procure new aircraft and ships for our armed forces be an issue?
Will the election be a referendum on immigration and acceptance of refugees into Canada?
Will trade tactics and the new NAFTA agreement be an issue?
Will we, as an electorate, be given three distinct courses to follow with distinct platforms on how we wish to be governed, with clear understanding of policies and objectives?
The election will lay out a course which Canadians wish to follow for the next four years. Many of the issues that elected the current government remain unresolved.
Do we as a country wish to continue on that course or do we wish to change?
The three candidates will be canvassing across the riding in the next 10 weeks. Take time to meet them.
Take time to hear their views about our country and riding.
Then, determine whether your expectations align with a candidate or party and then vote on Oct. 21.
–Jim Cumming