Lest we forget

With Remembrance Day upon us, we turn our thoughts to the immense sacrifice of our soldiers, many of whom gave their lives for our freedom.

Although the number of Veterans gets smaller with each passing year, the legacy of peace and prosperity they created continues to grow, thanks to their service. They willingly put themselves in harm’s way to give us a life free of fear and oppression. They did their part for us; it is our privilege to repay that debt. We can do that by carrying their stories and memories forward, so future generations understand why war should be a last resort.

Repaying our debt means never taking for granted the peace and freedom our Veterans have gifted to us. We honour them every time we cast a vote, every time we step up to help when we see a need and every time we put our community’s needs ahead of our own. We can also honour them by making their needs a higher priority.

Whether they fought in a world war, or a recent war, we can’t forget the sacrifice they made for us, nor our responsibilities to them. Lest we forget.

Megan Walchuk