Learn about candidates

We may be into the dog days of summer.
This is the most vacated week of the year as more families begin or end their summer vacations, taking advantage of the holiday weekend.
It is that time of year when the first crop of hay is finally put away, and the growing crops in the fields begin to brown.
This is the weekend that summer reading takes hold of cabin-goers.
This year may be a bit different, though. When the province changed the registration dates for municipal elections, a new urgency was developed.
With elections across the district, homeowners can expect to start seeing candidates for mayor, reeve, trustee, and councilor positions knocking on doors and introducing themselves for the election on Oct. 22.
In between, we will have the Emo Fair, the Rainy River Walleye Tournament, the Rainy River Valley Giant Pumpkin Festival, Labour Day and Thanksgiving. In every community you can expect to run into candidates seeking your vote.
The election may appear months away, but already, posters, Facebook pages, websites have been developed speaking of the candidates backgrounds and reasons for running for office.
With so many new candidates putting their names up for election, voters owe it to themselves, their families, and friends to learn as much about the people running for office. Take time to meet them and discuss your issues and learn about their areas of concern in your community and in education.
The candidates have more time to campaign for your vote–and voters have more time to get to know who will be representing them for the next four years.
–Jim Cumming