Perhaps because the money has been coming in over a four-year span, it’s easy to not fully comprehend just how many dollars have been raised by district residents towards our health care.
The amount? A cool $3.9 million, counting the $1.5 million the Riverside Foundation for Health Care has just transferred to Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. for the completion of the Phase IV renovations at La Verendrye Hospital here.
The bulk of the money raised ($3.8 million) has gone towards the current expansion at La Verendrye as well as the recent redevelopment of the Emo Health Centre. Most of the rest has been used to buy medical equipment at all three health centres in the district.
In short, this has been a district-wide effort—for the benefit of all district residents.
The aptly-named “Care Close to Home” campaign has been a rousing success since its humble beginnings about five years ago not only because of the generosity of district residents, but the tireless work of volunteers who plan and stage fundraisers, organize mailing campaigns, and just plain do the myriad of behind-the-scenes tasks such an endeavour entails.
Without this effort, we simply would not have access to state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment here in the district, not to mention new services like renal dialysis, telehealth, and the recent total knee replacement surgery. Looking ahead, a CT scanner is being proposed for here.
The amount of money raised to date is impressive. Most gratifying, however, is the collective effort that’s fuelling this drive for better “care close to home”—and hopefully continues to do so.