I will always feel I’m part of this town

Summer reporter
Marc Stuempfle

Working at the Fort France Times and being a part of this incredible, welcoming town, never could I have imagined feeling like I am leaving with my own Fort Frances citizenship.

Within the first few days, different members of the town made me forget about any false worries I had before I arrived. I instinctively blended with the community and the luxuries most people take for granted.

A part of me always had what I consider to be the soul of this town already in me. I just never realized what was there until I found my way into Fort Frances.

The values the town hold near and dear matched with the same things I believe to be important in life.

I witness the spirit of a caring, selfless, inclusive and hopeful community.

In a small town there is nowhere to hide, and it forced me to get rooted in the town to make my experience easier and more enjoyable.

During my time, I found a part of myself other people have seen in me for a long time, which I believe sometimes I take for granted.

It is clear to me I gained more than just skills which will help me develop into a better journalist in the future.

Through my experience, I have learned how to represent the community’s voice, the ins and outs of the trade, and weave my way through what facts are truly important.

I would like to thank Duane, Linda, and Jim for giving me this opportunity. I cannot express my gratitude and how grateful I am for the experience.

It is from people like you willing to take a risk on someone, so others may have a brighter future.

There are many decisions in life which are not easy to make, but my choice to put myself out in a place where I could have felt isolated and alone is not one I will regret.

I will always feel I will be a part of this town. Thanks to everyone whom I’ve met and have supported me through my journey.