Help us create a defining moment

One of the pleasures of being in the newspaper business is the opportunity to meet so many individuals who are successful in their own right.
Interviewing them provides insights into who they are. They often tell us of pivotal moments in their lives that have helped define them.
We believe the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards provide those pivotal or defining moments. The awards help us to recognize outstanding youth in our community for their contributions in a number of areas.
This pat on the back for a job well-done helps these young people realize that what they are doing really is making a difference—and this recognition can help reinforce a lifetime commitment to community service.
Co-ordinated by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA), of which the Fort Frances Times is a member, and sponsored by the Tembec Paper Group, the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards are seeking nominations of six- to 17-year-olds who are:
•involved in community service;
•contributing to the community while living with a disability;
•performed an act of heroism in the past year; or
•“good kids” who show a commitment to making life better or do things not
normally expected of someone their age.
The Times will proudly present a certificate of recognition, and give mention in the paper, to each young person nominated in our coverage area by the Nov. 30 deadline.
One group and up to 12 individuals from across the province will be chosen as final recipients of the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards, and presented with a plaque by Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor in Toronto in the spring.
Nomination forms are available at our office (116 First St. E.), online at, or by calling the OCNA at 1-905-639-8720. Again, nominations must be submitted by Nov. 30.
Help us to create a defining moment in someone’s life. They are our leaders of tomorrow—and we want to show them how proud we are of them.