Great to see

The plug finally has been pulled on “Fun in the Sun,” our long-running summer festival that’s been on life support for years, but it’s looking like Canada Day festivities have been resuscitated.
That’s certainly something to celebrate. The best news, however, is that residents and community groups are the ones who stepped forward at crunch time to help ensure July 1 activities in Fort Frances will consist of more than just a morning parade and then fireworks at dusk.
True, a lot of the events planned out at Pither’s Point Park are old standbys, such as the bathtub races, horseshoe and beach volleyball tournaments, a 50/50 Bingo, and some food booths, but at least volunteers were willing to shoulder the responsibility to stage them and for that we are grateful.
It’s far better than having nothing going on, for sure.
Besides, coupled with some of the newer activities we’ve seen of late, like paintball, laser tag, and a kids’ 1K run, at least we have a base from which to build upon in future years.
Canada Day should be a highlight of our summer each year—a time to show pride and appreciation for the wonderful country we call home while having a good time as families and a community. If the celebration is allowed to wither away, it likely will never be revived.
It’s great to see the groundswell of support to keep Canada Day alive here. A community event, after all, needs a community effort to be successful.