Fine effort

A paper mill dominates the skyline right smack in the middle of town, and a major east-west rail line dissects it. For U.S. visitors coming to Canada for the first time, driving through an industrial complex isn’t exactly conducive to leaving a good initial impression.
Despite these drawbacks, however, many Fort Frances residents have gone to great lengths over the years to maintain immaculate yards and gardens. As well, our cemeteries have long been admired for their beauty by locals and visitors alike.
The Fort Frances Horticultural Society always did a wonderful job maintaining flower beds at various public buildings. More recently, donations from individuals, businesses, and service clubs have helped the Chamber of Commerce and BIA with their hanging flowers and concrete planters lining Scott Street and a portion of King’s Highway.
Now thanks to the efforts of a new group, beautifying our community has gone a step further in the past year.
Fort Frances will have an opportunity to showcase its beauty tomorrow and Friday when two judges from the provincial “Communities in Bloom” organization, Marg Legris and Gail Reed, visit here to rate our town’s visual appeal.
Given all the yards and gardens in tip-top shape around town these days, highlighted by the winners of the local “Communities in Bloom” committee’s recent garden contest, the judges hopefully will come away with a favourable impression of Fort Frances.
As Helen Crook, chair of the local committee noted, “Last year we received a very good evaluation—and no one was aware we were being evaluated.”
No matter how we might rate this year, however, residents rightly can be proud of our town’s appearance. Sincere thanks to all who have contributed to making Fort Frances such an attractive place to live.