Fine achievement

After four years of hard work, the Kiwanis skate park committee justifiably can feel proud over the fruits of their labour which took shape last week in the area just north of the Memorial Sports Centre.
Except for a little more grouting and a paint job, the 9,500 sq. ft., $250,000 skate park is finally a reality.
Obviously, it’s none to soon for many local youths, who jumped the gun a little bit over the weekend by flocking to the not-quite-finished facility to try it out aboard their skateboards and BMX bikes.
But if Mother Nature co-operates (and, unfortunately, she wasn’t today), it should be open for real by this coming weekend.
The skate park committee certainly has had to overcome a lot of obstacles and setbacks over the years. Fortunately, the members persevered—and now Fort Frances has yet another top-notch recreational facility our youth can enjoy. And provide one more reason to sway new families to move to this area.
Before everyone gets too giddy on the champagne, however, let’s also not forget the job isn’t over. The only reason why the components were installed last week was because Barkman Concrete of Steinbach, Man. agreed to extend the terms of payment for the equipment until next March.
In a nutshell, the skate park committee still has to raise another $112,000.
Local residents, service clubs, and businesses have done a good job to date to fund the skate park, but more support is needed yet. And then there’s the responsibility for maintaining the facility, both financially (a user fee, perhaps) and through actions (i.e., not misusing it).
After all, the skate park, like our other town facilities, only will stay as attractive as the effort we put into it—not just in the beginning but over the long haul.