FFHS band missing

To the editor:
First, I would like to say thank you to Dawn Booth and her crew for organizing the terrific Canada Day parade. A great job done so well.
Also, a thank you to all the bands that took part, especially the school band from the States. It must be expensive to have them come here each year.
For those young people and their organization, a big thank you.
Unfortunately, it is a shame the Fort Frances High School band couldn’t get involved and give something that way to the school taxpayers. They can get excited when it means a trip out of the country. Please try to get involved at home.
We only have a couple of parades a year. Floats are available if you, the band, were available.
Maybe the school board should drop the band for two or three years. It might help with some of the $1-million shortfall.
Thank you,
George Bartlett
Fort Frances, Ont.