Embrace brand

It’s apt that the new brand logo for “Fort Frances Boundless” can be interpreted as a phoenix, as it indicates the community’s energy to rise again from the ashes and flourish—after all, it’s something the community has done since the first trading fort was established at the mouth of Rainy Lake.
Over the past 111 years, the industry in Fort Frances has morphed from fur trading to gold exploration to the sawmill industry to papermaking, and it’s time to change once again.
The bird is a symbol of hope, a sign that the future of Fort Frances is boundless. And indeed, the community has boundless opportunities in agriculture, mining, forestry, manufacturing and tourism.
“Fort Frances Boundless” also tells the story that the inhabitants of Fort Frances and the district are resilient, tough and proud.
It tells us the story of a community able to overcome adversity and thrive stronger than ever. Over time, new stories will be borne telling that Fort Frances and district thrives on entrepreneurship and the development of new services and manufacturing.
The community needs to embrace the theme, “Fort Frances Boundless,” and tell the story of our community to friends, relatives and strangers to draw them either back to our community or attract new families to the region.
As a community, we have a responsibility to showcase our “Boundless” opportunities.
Of course, the logo and brand are but the tip of the iceberg. The real work of the branding exercise is in the future as we go forward to market our community to manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to attract them here.
Together as a district, our community must embrace and support new opportunities taking advantage of our boundless natural resources and the skills and knowledge of our citizens.