Don’t let this be a one issue campaign

If nothing else, those involved with the Northern Action Group (NAG) and the “Save the Bus” coalition have put their money with their mouths are.
As promised, particularly after town council here rightly refused to allow a question on the municipal bus service to be put on the ballot next month, they are trying to have an impact on the election–Allan T. Bedard (a former town councillor) is running for mayor while Sybil Mowe and Tom Piotrowski have tossed their hats in the ring for a seat on council.
But while one admires their willingness to stand as candidates in the Nov. 10 municipal election, surely they are not so naive to think that voters will allow the so-called bus issue to dominate (or even hijack) the campaign.
Three years ago, there was a danger that the election for public school board would become a quasi referendum on the “multi-use” facility, with several of its most outspoken critics vying for a seat at the table.
The warning issued then deserves to be repeated again now–candidates are seeking three-year terms, with issues such as downloading, amalgamation, and area services boards sure to crop up in their mandate, not to mention things like a new auditorium and arena complex.
Voters must know where the candidates stand on all the issues, as well as being familiar with someone’s past actions and experiences in positions of authority or responsibility. That’s what the coming campaign is all about.
Electing a mayor and council based on one issue alone is a recipe for disaster, and is nothing more than a blatant shirking of the serious responsibility people take into the voting booth.
Know the issues. Know the candidates. Then choose wisely Nov. 10. Our town’s future deserves at least that much effort from us.