Don’t feed the squirrels

Dear editor:
A letter was published June 14 in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal asking that people not feed the squirrels within city limits. There obviously is a problem due to an exploding squirrel population in their neighbourhood, and as well here in Fort Frances.
These critters can create a lot of damage to people’s homes and yards.
There will always be squirrels, and chipmunks and bugs. So let’s not encourage more of them to hang out by feeding them. It makes perfect sense.
When there is an abundance of any species outside of the norm, you usually have a problem. Let the natural quota be decided by Mother Nature. If you feel the need to surround yourself with furry little critters, move to the bush.
We have lots there. It’s the norm.
Perhaps, until such a time as the squirrels nest in your attic, eat away all your insulation, chew through your electrical wires and burn down your house, or dig up your front yard, you will not understand that sometimes simple solutions don’t come from common sense.
Don’t feed the squirrels within town limits! They are not going to go hungry.
I. Donnelly