Disgraceful flags

Dear Mr. Editor:
I am hoping this letter will prompt business owners in Fort Frances to be more aware of the flags that they fly in the front of their establishments.
I repeatedly have called several businesses in Fort Frances over the years to ask them to either replace the flags they are flying or take them down.
As Canadians, we have much to be proud of, and if we cannot show respect to our country by flying a flag that is not ripped, or torn or faded, then please, do our town and our country a favour and do not fly any flags at all!
In the past, when I have called businesses, they have asked for my name, and I am more than happy to tell them who I am, but really, all that matters here is that I am a proud Canadian, as well they should be.
In closing, I would like to add that I wrote a letter to our mayor in early January to ask him if he would consider writing a letter or putting something in the paper to establishments that fly flags and ask them to ensure their flags are in good condition.
I have yet to receive a response.
With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, if you were not planning on addressing my request, then I think that I at least deserved the courtesy of being told that.
Janis Flewelling
Fort Frances, Ont.