Decision time

The party leaders have staked out their platforms, the candidates have said their piece.
Now it’s our turn.
Once again, residents of Rainy River District are being asked to help determine the make-up of the next Parliament in Ottawa. And if you believe the polls, our votes could be the difference between a party winning a majority government—or a minority one.
In a nutshell, our voices do matter.
Voter turnout locally has been poor during the past few elections, barely hovering above the 60 percent mark. Our new riding, along with the perception that our end of the district matters little to the “big city” candidates, as well as the fact this is the third election we’ve had to endure since October, doesn’t bode well for that number to go up this time around.
On the other hand, the advance polls held here and in Rainy River on Friday, Saturday, and Monday attracted more ballots than in the last federal election in November, 2000, so perhaps that’s an indication of higher voter interest (and participation).
Let’s hope so.
While the broken promises, lies, and scandals of past governments—at all levels—certainly have contributed to the apathy that’s gripped the Canadian electorate of late, ultimately it is our responsibility to get out and vote. It is our duty, as citizens, to understand the issues and scrutinize the candidates.
It is, bottom line, our choice. Make yours count on Monday.