Cold days need warm hearts

Megan Walchuk

The first frosty nights of the season hit the region earlier this week. For many, it may have prompted a quick harvest of the garden. Others may have flipped their furnace on, or dug a heavier coat out of storage. It was a gentle nudge that seasons are changing, and preparations should be made.

For others, that nudge wouldn’t have felt so gentle. That nip in the air would fill some with dread, knowing that preparations need to be made, but can’t. That they need to chose between a new coat for their child, or food on the table. Warm mittens or gas for the car to get to work.

Winter can be harsh, and it’s closing in fast. Our community’s food banks are open, collecting donations to help those who need a little help getting through the month, and those who have nothing at all. If you’re in a position to spare some extras, now’s the time to start filling those food bank shelves. The Family Centre, the Salvation Army, the United Native Friendship Centre, and Emo Food Bank are all committed to making sure no one feels dread as the weather starts to cool.

Keep an eye out for other ways to help. It’s the season of coat exchanges, blanket drives, mitten trees and Stuff-a-Cruiser days. It may be getting frosty out, but the Rainy River District has always had a warm heart.