Be informed

With one letter last week and three more today all calling for the ouster of the present council, it looks like a heated campaign is shaping up here in Fort Frances leading up to the Nov. 13 election, right?
Well, maybe.
While it’s obvious some residents are expressing strong opinions, next Tuesday night’s all-candidates’ forum at the Civic Centre isn’t conducive to the healthy debate voters deserve—and need—to hear before choosing the men and women they’re entrusting to make the tough decisions over the next four years.
Sure, the two mayoral candidates—incumbent Dan Onichuk and challenger Coun. Roy Avis—will be asked questions by the local media, which may give voters an insight on where they stand on the various issues. But the 11 candidates seeking the six council seats simply will be given four minutes to make their pitch for your vote.
No chance to question their past decisions (particularly if they sit on the current council) nor to challenge their platforms, or for the candidates themselves to make rebuttals for that matter.
So what voters will get is propaganda, not debate. And that certainly isn’t the best way to decide who will occupy six of the seven seats on council.
Perhaps the candidates will engage in traditional door-to door stumping in the days and weeks ahead. If not, the onus is on voters to seek them out and ask pointed questions on how they’ll attract new doctors to Fort Frances and pay to fix our crumbling infrastructure, where they stand on the future of the fire department, and what they’ll do to keep the mill open here.
Take the time to be an informed voter. Let the campaign unfold before mailing in your ballot. Ousting the present council, or giving them another chance, is not a decision to be taken lightly.