Be informed

The campaign for the June 7 provincial election kicked off officially today but the race to woo voters has been underway for months by all the parties.
The governing Liberals, with an eye clearly set on June 7, used the past session at Queen’s Park to unveil legislation on everything from free tuition for many post-secondary students and publicly-funded prescription drugs to those under age 25 to a higher minimum wage.
Fixed election dates may prevent a government from sending voters to the polls when it’s most convenient for its re-election chances, but they certainly don’t prevent the governing party from laying the groundwork in its favour well before the writ is dropped.
As for the opposition, former PC leader Patrick Brown (before being dumped in January) had revealed his “People’s Guarantee” way back in November while NDP leader Andrea Horwath released her party’s platform at a rally in mid-April.
Heck, even the first televised leaders’ debate was held Monday–two days before the campaign started.
It basically makes a mockery of all the rules regarding expenses and advertising that take effect just because the campaign officially is underway.
In the meantime, if voters largely tuned out all the pre-election chatter, hopefully that changes over the next 29 days. Here in Kenora-Rainy River, four candidates are vying to represent us at Queen’s Park: Glen Archer (NDP), Karen Kejick (Liberal), Ember McKillop (Green Party), and Greg Rickford (PCs).
Take the time to know the positions of the candidates and their parties on the issues. Be an informed voter when it comes to casting your ballot on June 7.