Winter preparations kick into high gear

Another Monday after a cattle sale! And to top it off I took Friday off, so I am really rushing around trying to get on track. We survived another cattle sale – and of course it decided to turn into winter for us! Thankfully Saturday we didn’t get any precipitation which is much nicer for not only our cattle but certainly our staff!!! We sold 1613 head for $1,727,509.79. It was a busy sale! We had a few concerns brought forward regarding viewing our sale. If it is absolutely necessary, we will allow 1 person per farm to come in and view the ring when your cattle sale. You are expected to follow the physical distancing rules and wear a mask when that isn’t possible. We are very lucky that we can operate our Sales Barn and we do not want anyone sick nor do we want to be shut down. This would be a disaster for all of us. The idea is, that you shouldn’t be there unless you have a serious intent to purchase. You are welcome to view on the DLMS network if you have that capability. If you would like to see a copy of the rules pertaining to the Sales Barn, I would be more than happy to share with you. Thank you to Kim who is operating our door and trying to keep people safe!
Though getting into bed at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning certainly made me drag my butt around Sunday but since winter seems to have set in, I had a lot to accomplish. I still had a bunch of temporary water set up for sheep, lambs and butcher cattle. Those hoses were nicely frozen, but thankfully my boyfriend/partner allowed me to thaw them in the new garage. I moved the butcher lambs into the barn and locked up the butcher cattle in the corral. The sheep have their winter water and the rabbits (other than Black Bettie) have moved into the rabbit hotel which is also inside the barn. Then I was debating on feeding my cows or not. If I started, it meant that it would be a job that most likely wouldn’t end until next June. Since it seemed like a cold, damp day I caved and started to feed them. They were not complaining, and I likely could have waited a bit longer based on the grass I tend to think about their comfort. So, here I go – it has started!
We successfully managed to get our Oat, Barley and Wheat data uploaded to the GoCereal Website last week. This Thursday is the committee meeting so you will most likely be able to view that data very soon. We would be happy to share with you sooner if you so desire. If things go well this week with Katie and I, we should have all our seed cleaned! Cross your fingers please.