Some things are just perfect as is

I love Jason Bateman.
Well, I don’t love love him but I love the character he is in all his movies, and I like to think (and I do so with reasonable certainty) that he is cast as the dependable good guy because he is just that.
So when the director shouts out “Action,” Jason merely has to be himself.
There are so few things we can count on these days–and we need to be able to depend that some things won’t change without our bidding. For example, Diet Coke.
When I was drinking Diet Coke, which I’m not. Well, not that often. Hardly ever (but I digress).
Diet Coke changed its recipe without even running it by me and if they had, I would have said don’t mess with it–it’s just fine the way it is. Why is everyone compelled to change things?
And if you would like to know what my impression of the new and improved Diet Coke is: bleh (it’s not easy to write a word for the noise I am making).
One minute coffee is going to kill us off in the next few hours and then the experts are telling us coffee is going to lengthen our lives. I’ve quit listening to the debate on should we or should we not use coconut oil.
All I really know is that Jason Bateman’s character makes me laugh. And I love to laugh. I just watched his latest film, “Game Night,” and he and Rachel McAdams made me laugh right out loud.
All my daughters are coming for a visit–the first of which arrives tomorrow. It is Aimee’s birthday and so I have baked her our traditional birthday cake that dates back to my Grandma Stewart, so suffice to say the cake recipe has been around for a long time and we have never had the urge to change it, to muss with it, to try and better it.
It is just perfect the way it is.
The recipe is precise and it’s been called Ishgy-Gishgy Cake for as long as my memory goes back. I think the official name was Chocolate Chip Cake but that hardly does it justice–besides the fact that none of us are really sure how to spell its name, which adds a certain delicious mystery.
I know change in life is inevitable. I assure you I’m well aware how age is messing with things and changing the things I used to count on, first and foremost my eyesight. But most of the time I don’t care about that.
When I see a movie with Jason Bateman in it, I want it to be classic Jason Bateman. I don’t want him pursuing any roles that stretch his creative experience.
I want him just as he is, and then I can handle all the other stuff that swirls around in a fury of nothing lasts forever.