Some days I feel like Newton’s Cradle

Remember those perpetual motion gizmos, the little balls that swing back and forth, striking each other to keep the movement constant?
Newton’s Cradle it was called, created in 1967 by an English actor and named in honour of Sir Isaac Newton, long-considered the most influential scientist of all time.
Physics class taught us that momentum (mass times speed) is conserved so that when two objects collide the total momentum before the “crash” is equal to the momentum after the crash i.e. “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
I don’t remember a lot from high school physics, but I do remember that one statement that has been fused to my brain when so many other things have been lost, such as where did I put my glasses.
I also remember thinking that infinite movement was too cool for words and being quite impressed that something could be “endless”, but of course over time friction comes into play and the colliding balls will eventually stop.
I could have figured that out I suppose at age twelve when I was watching the balls move back and forth, transferring their energy from one ball to the other on my grandfather’s desk, but I didn’t.
My grandfather was a great fan of gizmos and gadgets and puzzles.
I liked the concept of that “toy,” if I am allowed to call it that, or a novelty perhaps.
I think I may have identified with the idea of constant motion because I seem to be designed in a similar fashion, unable to be at rest for very long, perpetually in motion though I’m not always sure where I am headed.
Maybe I am a bit like those balls, colliding and swinging back and forth with no other purpose aside of movement.
The Great White Shark suffers from a similar affliction in that they must keep swimming or they will die from oxygen deprivation.
I’m not sure I like the idea of being compared to a shark, but I suppose there are worse things, a tarantula perhaps or any kind of snake.
In 2017, time crystals were discovered in a microscopic state.
They were not a solution in the search for perpetual energy as they are in motion without creating energy.
I would hate to think of myself as a time crystal, moving without accomplishing anything at all, though some days I feel exactly like that, unpacking boxes and merely moving my “stuff” from one spot to another without solution, a bit like the balls in Newton’s Cradle.
Maybe that is why I write, because while I am writing I give off the impression of being still, of being quiet and motionless, but my brain is moving and my hand is in motion while I record my thoughts and ideas and hopefully I am actually getting somewhere.
Time will tell I suppose. Time will tell.