My kingdom for a dump of snow

All my daughters are with me in Nova Scotia for a lovely family reunion visit. Of course, now it is in the past tense, because Thea had to return to Alberta after a much too brief a visit.
My four grandchildren are here with their mommies and I am in heaven.
Or I thought I was.
We may have made a wrong turn, because it is so hot, unbearably hot, stifling-hot, suffocating-hot, sauna-hot, not-enough-superlatives-to-describe-hot.
The dehumidifiers are running and AC unit is on full blast, but I can no longer cope with the heat and humidity and my sense of humour has left the building.
In fact, my sense of humour has fled for parts unknown and it got me to thinking.
As I crawled on to my wee air mattress bed on the basement floor last night and my sheets stuck to my legs and I was too hot to sleep, I pondered what heat does to our capacity to make sound decisions.
I left Gracie outside the other night to protect those sleeping in a tent in the back yard.
She has not spent the night outside before and a swarm of raccoons dropped by to check out the smorgasbord in the compost bin and Gracie was running around for about an hour barking at them before I woke up enough to hear her and bring her in.
She was doing her best version of a guard dog, but something missed the mark.
I bet my neighbours would like to have pushed me down my basement stairs or something more permanent involving a weapon. It’s the heat. The temperature marred my judgment.
We can’t be expected to make good decisions in this heat.
My house looks like a war zone with toys and clothes and I think if some brave burglar were to pop by to see what he could rob from me, he would stop and look around and decide some other burglar beat him to the punch.
Perhaps if our homes and the world was climate-controlled, a bit like the Truman movie, we could be counted on not to shoot each other, or wave our fists and use bad language in the wars raged on the roads.
I’ve tried reminding myself that I was freezing just a few short months ago and bemoaning the amount of snow and the ice and the bitter wind.
In the blink of an eye I will be freezing again and hauling wood in and ash out and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling.
But in this moment, this very moment I would give my kingdom for a bitter wind and a dump of snow.