Arguing with me

I had an argument with myself today.
I must confess it got a little heated and some bad language was hurled about and some shouting.
Shouting never does anyone any good. I’m not a fan of shouting, but sometimes the situation can’t seem to avoid it and shouting just happens, like a cloudburst in an impromptu storm.
I can’t even recall the last time I shouted at someone. I do remember in 1987 or 1988 a woman driving a big boat of a car ran a stop sign and totaled my brand new car that I had only made two payments on.
I shouted. I did.
She sat in her car in the ditch and applied fresh lipstick before she emerged and climbed out of her hardly-scuffed car, while my car sat in a sizzling steaming pile of crumpled mess in the middle of the road.
I shouted some more. She later told the police officer while we both sat in the cruiser that the accident was my fault because she didn’t see me, as if I was driving some sort of invisible car.
The officer chuckled so I thought she might be kidding, but she wasn’t. I wanted to shout some more, but I didn’t.
I can’t even remember if she was charged, not that it matters now, but I had a bump on my head and the inside of my car was covered in pizza. But I digress.
At this moment I can’t be sure what my argument with me was about. Some days I have a bit of an attitude and don’t seem to get the things done that I think should be done.
It may have been fuelled by this election madness that I hate so very much.
I would like to see campaign rules put in place that forbid negative campaigning and require those seeking our votes to tell us why we should vote for them as opposed to why we shouldn’t vote in another direction.
Stand on your own merit, I’d like to say, and let’s hear some truth for a change.
I read that the millennials are the demographic that are the least likely to vote.
That is a discouraging fact, but I’m not really surprised. What evidence have they had of integrity of any kind through the last elections, with the plans of the various parties never being put into action once the ballots are cast.
It is very hard not to be cynical and suspicious and feel utterly hopeless at times.
That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote, quite the contrary. I just think it would be tempting not to vote for young people whose future is very uncertain.
Sometimes I argue over the simplest thing, such as drinking more water.
I’ll say things such as if you had half a brain you would realize that drinking more water would be only beneficial, there is no downside.
My rebuttal is usually armed and loaded.
That’s not entirely true, and it’s hard to keep the sarcastic tone out of my voice, complaining about the frequency of trips to the bathroom and sometimes it will border on the ridiculous when you’re not the boss of me leaks out.
I’ve called a truce and sent me and myself to the corner to think about finding a little more self-control and not to come out until I promise to be nice.
Not sure how that will work out. One of us will keep you posted.