Ups and downs of lambing season

OK, I am not finding this weather very enjoyable. The worst part is winter leaving and then returning. I would prefer it to stay and make a permanent exit.

We have had approximately 1.5 to 2 inches of rain, but it certainly made a large impact. Everyone is talking about the quick mess it made of our barn yards. I found a bit of comfort in knowing that everyone was dealing with the same mess; I thought it was just my place.

Though I dreaded the thought of vaccinating on the weekend we tackled the job and got it finished. It took us most of the day, but we had a later start as we had an ewe lambing that needed some assistance. Then we also decided that we would take the time to make sure all the cows tags were in or legible. That took some extra time. All our cows, calves, yearlings, and bulls had their vaccinations. The calves and yearlings will need to be boostered in three weeks prior to the bulls going out!

Our barnyard was a sloppy mess, so we decided to move them to higher ground. I really hated to do this so soon but there was no sense in putting out straw when you looked at the forecast. The cows were very happy, and the calves were still wondering if they really wanted to leave their cozy calf huts and make the leap through the muddy gate area to higher ground. Now I am just hoping the ground will stay tough it has some stockpiled grass so it might hold up a bit longer. I can hope anyway.

Now, back to the sheep. The ewe that was sick ended up having two dead lambs. The first one came alive but didn’t make it the second one was dead and had been dead for a while – most likely why she wasn’t feeling great. The ewe that started to lamb when we were working with cows had one quick and then she stalled out. I checked and found a big lamb with its head back. It was a tough pull but got it, but it had died. Then she had another one, so she still has twins, which is plenty. Then the little ewe that my mom and Marlee purchased had a water bag Sunday a.m., but she was doing nothing. So, I left her for a bit but still nothing. I decided we best check.

Unfortunately, she did not dilate. I tried to open her up a bit, but I called for help. My friend Jason came (this is where Marlee purchased the ewe – it was warranty ha ha). After a lot of work and time we did get two little lambs out but neither made it. I was thankful that the ewe was still alive as that wasn’t an easy job and she is the smallest one we have.

That is just the not so good news. We still have other happy, healthy live ones and we are half over! We also have one goat that should be kidding by this weekend. I am hoping for smooth sailing and good weather from here on out!

My barn cameras quit working last Thursday so it is certainly making it tough for me to be at work and not be able to keep an eye on my ewes. This also means my mom cannot watch either. She will be spending all her days walking back and forth keeping an eye on things. Technology is great but it sure sucks when things go wrong!

Stay safe everyone….