Tackling Lake Fork for the Bassmaster

The final event of the Bassmaster Elite Series season is set to take place this week at Lake Fork, Texas, one of the top big bass lakes in the World. After a season that featured several cancelled and rescheduled events, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on what has been a challenging year.
Our season was supposed to finish up in August, which is when we usually wrap things up, but Bassmaster did what they could to give us a full season of events and that meant scheduling tournaments into the fall. For me, I make most of my income fishing these tournaments so I’m grateful for the opportunity to fish. It has not been convenient crossing the border, being on the road for weeks at a time and going through quarantine orders when I come home, but everything has worked out and I’m proud of my season.
After fishing three weeks in a row we have had the past two weeks off before we finish off the season this week. Typically, I would have left my truck and boat in the U.S., flown back to Winnipeg and gone home during the off time but with all the hassle to cross the border right now and not really wanting to fly I just decided to stay down here. I’ve been fishing most days so it hasn’t been too bad. I miss my wife and just being home but at the same time, I’m glad that I’ve been able to get down here and compete.
The tournament this week is called the Toyota Texas Fest at Lake Fork. Toyota is a major sponsor of Bassmaster and specifically of this event. The prize payouts are a little higher than our regular season events and the big bass of the tournament earns a brand new Tundra truck, which would be pretty awesome! I am certainly going to try and focus on fishing for big ones but for the most part, there is some luck in catching the big fish of any of these tournaments. I was fortunate and won the big bass award a few weeks back at Santee Copper Lake in South Carolina so I probably blew my luck for the year there but it shows that I can do it.
We fished at Lake Fork last year and I had a good tournament, landing a 5th place finish in the May event. Things will be a little bit different this time around because we’re visiting in the fall. This lake has more big bass than most lakes that we fish, so while the fishing may not be as good as it was last year when Brandon Cobb won with 114 pounds over days, there will be a bunch of big fish caught. It will be an entertaining tournament.
Thanks to the good run I’ve had over the past few events I’m in 13th in points headed into the final tournament and in good shape to qualify for next year’s Bassmaster Classic that will take place in March. The top 40 in points after the final event qualify for the Classic so I can fish this event a little more stress free than I typically get to, and try to catch a big fish. It will likely take a bass over ten pounds to win the truck. Cobb won it last year with an 11-pounder, which was very impressive.
I’m looking forward to finishing the season strong and then getting home after being on the road for about six weeks. The final event of the season starts Thursday and runs through Sunday. You can follow all of the action at Bassmaster.com. Look for the report on my tournament next week.