Scrambling into winter

Here we are into the last week of October and we have seen snow already for a couple of weeks! I am hearing that things are going to warm up again so we will see the return of the mud season. It hasn’t been that bad but sounds like we aren’t going to skip that season just yet. I did break down and start feeding my cows, but they are still grazing a bit as well. They come to the hay, but they are not going crazy for it yet. Perhaps they feel like me; once we start on this, we will be eating this until June. I think we were all caught a bit off guard and when I talk to my fellow farmer friends everyone is scrambling around getting ready for winter whether it is water lines or just some of the tasks that need to be complete before winter settles in. Maddie and Marlee have been wanting a black white face heifer and we thought my dads’ black cow could help us out with that but so far, we haven’t had any luck. This spring she gave us a red white face steer! Since we had few heifer calves this year, we decided they would purchase themselves a black white face heifer. Over the weekend we were finally able to all be together, and we went and looked at some heifers from our friends Carolyn and Cal. The girls both found themselves a heifer, so we returned home to get the trailer and back we went to bring the new girls home. The next big decision was giving them a name. The are safely enjoying their new home in the corral for a week or so before joining our own heifers. I could honestly likely guarantee that my dad’s cow with have a black white face heifer this spring.
Katie and I are still cleaning seed at the Station. We were really impressed with our Malting Barley Varieties as they really yielded well. But when that happens, it takes longer to clean the seed. That is not a complaint, just a fact. I am happy that we can provide some good data for that trial as it has been a struggle, with drainage issues and last year’s miserable fall. I am slowly getting data into the computer and sent off to the appropriate parties that are looking for it. And at the end of it all I will compile a summary for our locals to look at and perhaps even make a few decisions from it.
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is very excited that all our project dollars have been approved. You can expect an official announcement soon and we are going to end up with a beautiful place to market your cattle. We have a big job a head of us, but it will be well worth it. We have one more Cattle Sale this Fall – November 7! If you have animals that you are planning on bringing, please let James know at 807-271-2005. This really helps with our buyers getting orders for the cattle. If you are interested in working, it would also be great if you let James know.
I have not heard if we are trick or treating or not – but either way be safe! Black Bettie got herself a new costume, so we are excited to model that whether we have any kids out and about. Happy Halloween!