Help kick-start our economy: shop local

Local business is the backbone of our community yet sometimes we forget the significant impact our purchasing decisions can have.
By purchasing goods at local shops, farmers’ markets, and craft shows, or other items that have been produced in our region, we help keep jobs in our communities.
This money stays in our region and is used to support other jobs when it is spent on items like groceries, gas, furniture, appliances, and other goods in our home communities.
This spring, I am launching a “I Love NWO: I Shop Local!” awareness campaign. The purpose is to provide a friendly reminder that local purchases mean jobs and money in our local economy.
We can make a real impact on our local economy if we make the conscious decision to spend our money here, and if we ask our friends and family to do the same.
We have a stunning array of talented craftspeople, artists, and skilled workers in Northwestern Ontario. Produce and meat produced in the region, for instance, is fresh, healthy, and full of taste.
During last fall’s election campaign, people were stunned to find out all the amazing products that can be produced in our region.
And I’m pleased to say that all of my campaign materials—including bumper stickers, buttons, flyers, brochures, and even the resurfaced campaign signs—were produced locally and at an more affordable rate than they would have been if we went outside of the region to purchase them!
In recent years, our economy has taken a hit. Whether it’s the downturn in the forest sector, the harmonized sales tax (HST), or the recent decision by the federal government to increase limits for cross-border shopping, our local businesses have been hit hard and it is why it’s more important than ever to make spending decisions that bolster our local economy.
I am fighting for our region in Queen’s Park each day by trying to bring jobs and promote government investment in our communities, but we all have an important role to play.
I know I’m not saying something people haven’t already heard before. I’m merely encouraging you to give some thought to the ripple effect our local dollars have in our region.
The bumper stickers are a way to pass the message on—just imagine the impact we could have if we all bought at home.
The “I love NWO: I shop local!” bumper stickers are available to any group, business, or individual in our region free of charge.
For more information, contact my constituency office in Fort Frances (274-7619) or call toll-free 1-800-465-8501.