Timber wolves causing havoc with local cattle farmers

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

The timber wolves are causing extreme havoc, killing many young beef cattle in La Vallee. A large number of new born calves and yearlings are being reported frequently to Jim Belluz.

Belluz is the Live Stock Evaluator for wolf kills – a job he shares with Tom Morrish.

Belluz has done this job for more than 20 years.

Although the La Vallee Township is Belluz’s coverage area, he will fill in and cover other areas if the evaluators is away.

When a farmer finds a dead animal killed by a wolf, Belluz goes to the farm site and then does all the paper work that compensates the farmer. In the fall the farmer receives compensation for the equivalent of a 500 pound animal, per kill. As I spoke to Belluz I could hear the concern in his voice, as he informed me that one farmer had lost 14 cattle this spring.

This farmer has his teenage son sleep in a trailer in the field at night, with a spot light, to scare of the wolves and hopefully stop killings of his family’s cattle.

Close to 20 cattle have been lost to date, involving local farmers.

The municipalities are trying diligently to communicate with the MNR and will be in contact with local Members of Parliament to try to get some help with this serious situation.

Our community says good bye to Paul and Janice Jewiss who are moving after living on Mctavish road for 36 years.

The Jewiss’ two daughters Andrea and Lindsay grew up in this home. Although both have moved from the area, they have many special memories of our small community.

The Jewisses have purchased a new residence in Fort Frances. We all wish you well in your new home.

Andrew and Sydney Trimball have purchased the Jewiss’ former home. We welcome them to our community. Here’s hoping you enjoy your new home as much as the Jewisses enjoyed their lives there.

Sincere sympathy to Shirley McQuaker and her family in the passing of Shirley’s mother Marie Bates. Your community is thinking of you at this difficult time.

A happy retirement to Greg McKay. Greg swept his last floor and did his final polishing for the Rainy River District School Board on Friday (June 19)

Greg was employed with the RRDSB for 27 years. In 1996, he started at the FFHS and over the years worked at Sturgeon Creek, Robert Moore, Crossroads, and ending his career at the FFHS.

Greg has many fond memories during his employment.

I remember him working at Crossroads, always a smile, a twinkle in his eyes (which always guaranteed he was up to no good) but fortunately also a guaranteed laughter would be happening soon.

Greg will enjoy his retirement with his wife, children, three grandkids and two grand dogs. Plus I’m sure the many friends he’s made throughout his life.

Our rural area wishes him all the best on this “next stage“ of his life. May you enjoy every minute of it.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day next Wednesday.

May you be creative and find a way to enjoy this great country we live in (even in our new normal).

Robin’s 2 cents.

I recently heard a mother say,

“When do we find out who the kids will have for teachers next year?

“I hope it’s not me again!”