Municipal leaders need for learning workshops at Rainy River District Municipal Association

On Saturday January 14, members of the district’s Municipalities meet in Barwick for a full day of workshops.

There was a discussion at the meeting about daylight saving time. Everyone seemed to agree that they don’t like changing their clocks twice a year. Atikokan doesn’t change, but if we stayed in Central Standard time, we would be different than Minnesota and Manitoba. Council members are interested in hearing how residents feel before making a resolution that could affect the district.

Snowplow rates will go from $30 to $35 a plow, effective February 8.

February 3 is a P.A. day for all students in the Rainy River District.

Happy 101st birthday to Dorothy Taylor. Dorothy celebrated her birthday with cake and family members at Rainycrest where she has made her home for 11 years.

Dorothy enjoyed her life raising her family for many years in Burriss. Dorothy, we send send you congratulations on your long and blessed life.

Congratulations to Jennifer Smith and Robert Morrison from Northwest Bay on the birth of their son Jonah. Jonah was born December 27.

Robin’s 2 cents.

Sending her ten-year-old son to pick up a pizza, a mother handed him some money and a discount coupon. Later he came home with the pizza and the coupon. When asked to explain, he replied, “ Relax Mom. I had enough money. I didn’t need the coupon.”