Former resident hits it big in lottery

Katy Trimble a former resident of our district, hit it big on New Year’s Day, by winning the Princess Margaret Home Lottery on their cash calendar draw. 

Katy won $500,000.

She first got a phone call around 6 p.m. 

Initially, she thought it was a wrong number as there was several calls previously that had been made to her home for ‘Ofe.’ She was completely prepared to say “Ofe doesn’t live at this number.”

The second call came in, and Katy realized it was a different number. She picked up the phone and at first didn’t believe the women on the other end of the line.

Katy went from being extremely annoyed by nuisance calls, to choking on her heart in her throat at the possibility of actually winning $500,000.

The lady was extremely understanding and said, “You could check our web site and find your name on the winners list.

Katy and her husband Chip and their four children relocated to St. Thomas Ontario in 2020. She shared with me that a lot of her winnings has been invested in her kids’ post-secondary education. When they moved, the real estate market was extremely expensive, so she and Chip purchased a fixer upper home; part of her winnings will be put toward that project.

Katy is presently finishing up a post-grad Marketing Management program at Fanshawe College where she recently made the Dean’s List. Chip is the Station Design Manager at C.R Wall.

Congratulations from the District!

Sincere sympathy to the family, and friends of Ann Vanderaa. Ann was a wonderful, kind lady. She and her husband John both loved a good joke. Her smile and kind eyes filled a room. Your day was always better if you shared it with Ann.

Also, sincere sympathy to Irene Badiuk and her family in the passing of Irene’s sister-in-law Annie Gagnon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends grieving these losses.

Congratulations to Emily Haggberg and Brad Caul on the birth of their son Bryson Marvin Philip Caul born January 23. Proud grandparents are Marvin and Sondra Caul and Phil and Cindy Haggberg.

This Monday (February 21) is Family Day. Here’s hoping everyone takes advantage of this holiday.

Robin’s 2 cents

Don’t forget, we’re celebrating the days men are always right: the 29th, 30th and 31st of February.