Emo Library receives generous donation

The Emo Library received a generous donation of $2,500 on behalf of the Emo Thrift Store. This will help offset costs to the library. This donation was made from the proceeds of the thrift shop’s sales.
Congratulations to Shelby Rea and Brandon Rea on the birth of their first child. Colson James was born July 22. Proud grandparents are Glenna and Mark Rea and Tess Robinson and Charlie Rounds and grandparents Arlene Rea, and Brenda and Jim Marr.

The community is happy for you as take on the role of parenthood.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Rick Johnson in his passing. He will be remembered for his love of fishing and his years as a logger. The community is thinking of you all at this sad time.

Sending sympathy to the family and friends of John Bosma. John was always a hardworking man. He will be missed by many. Caring thoughts and prayers are with all grieving this loss.

Sympathy to the family and friends of Jack Allen. He had many successful years employed in the mill, and many will remember him and his expertise in fixing Electro Lux. Sending you all compassionate thoughts during this sad time.

Sadly another message of sympathy to the family and friends of Roy Allen. Roy was a friendly man who enjoyed fishing and the outdoors. Our District is sharing your sadness with you all.

The Emo Thrift Store recently presented the Emo Public Library with a donation of $2,500, from proceeds of sales from the shop. Carol Hyatt of the Emo Thrift Store, left, was on hand to make the presentation to Nicholas Donaldson, CEO of the Emo Public Library and Elaine Hughes of the Emo Public Library Board. – Submitted photo

Congratulations to Sara Selman on her recent accomplishment on becoming a licensed auto service technician. Fort Frances General Motors as well as your community are proud of you. All the best in your chosen career.

A belated but heartfelt congratulations to Dorothy Bates and Stan Viotarus on their marriage. The couple were wed July 2 in Thunder Bay. Our District sends you all the best for many years of happiness.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that acknowledged and celebrated my retirement with me. On June 30 I worked my last shift at Community Living after 23 years of many people making a difference in my life. Perhaps one of my most valuable lessons was from wise Paul Belluz, saying, “No work, no pay!” Sometimes I think I took that to an extreme, working much overtime, especially in the last few years.

I was honoured with a work party June 30. It was a blast!

Then on July 17, my children and a lot of helpers honoured me with a family and friends retirement party. I’d like to thank all who attended and those who were unable to, for the visits, cards, gifts, messages and even old-fashioned phone calls. Thanks for all who spoke kind words with your heartfelt speeches and those who sent messages to be read. A big thanks for enduring my long speeches, but it’s impossible for me to “talk small” as we all know and I had so many people to pay tribute to.

And then the “icing on the cake” was being honoured as Senior Citizen of the Year. A complete shock and so humbling and heartfelt. Thanks to whoever chose me, to the Municipality for choosing me and to Elaine Hughes for doing a top notch job presenting me with this award.

The happiness continued as I read the heartfelt article in the Fort Frances Times written by Ken Kellar. Your words made my connection with the many great people employed at the newspaper such a vital part of my life.

To all who came for visits or made my retirement a celebration in any way, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robin’s 2 cents

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Hunting flies,” he replied.

“Oh, kill any?” she said.

“yep, three males and two females,” came the answer.

Intrigued, the wife asked,” How can you tell them apart?”

The husband replied, “three were on a beer can, and two were on the phone.”