Dance Hall launches new 50/50 fundraiser

The Dance Hall Township Community Association is holding another 50/50 draw. The tickets are on sale for $10.00, with 4,000 tickets being printed. They are being sold by Rhonda Hyatt, Keith Munroe, Joeann Hyatt, and Lisa Hammond, as well as district businesses Hair and Body Care (Emo) West Side Bait and Tackle, and the Harbourage in Fort Frances. The draw will be made Boxing Day. More information to follow on the draw and the many updates that have taken place on the Dance Hall.

A lovely shower was held on Sunday (July 17) at the Devlin Hall. Tasha Wood was honoured with a baby shower. Tasha and Mike Badiuk are excitedly looking forward to the birth of their first child in August.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Carol Burnell. Carol passed away suddenly leaving many to mourn her passing. The district sends caring thoughts and prayers at this sad time.

A reminder that the Rainy River District Fall Fair is August 18-20. This year’s fair is back in full swing. Thankfully, our District will be able to enjoy the many activities that we remember from previous years. Always a part of many lives and a way to end the summer and bring on the fall season.

Robin’s 2 cents

A husband got his wife to help him put some posts in the ground for his new fence. He gave her the hammer and said, “when I nod my head, you hit it.” He didn’t remember anything after that!