Annual Fall Fair set to go this weekend

The annual Rainy River Valley District Fall Fair is set to go this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 18, 19 and 20.

There will be something for everyone. Stock car races Friday and Saturday, cattle shows and auction, midway, queen and mini king and queen pageant, the Loggers Competition, the arena is always full of displays, the Exhibition Hall will be filled with entries. Perhaps my favourite is the food served. There’s something for everyone at the fair.

Volunteers are needed in many areas. If you are interested in helping out call Joe at 486-1053. Hope to see you all at the fair!

Congratulations to Angela Halverson and Allen Smith on their recent engagement. The couple are planning a 2023 wedding. The district sends you wishes for a future of happiness.

Robin’s 2 cents

A mother asked her young son, as they waited for the bus, to tell the driver he was five years old, because then he could ride for free. As they got into the bus, the driver asked him how old he was.

“I am five years old,” said the little boy proudly.

The driver had a son of his own that age and smiled. “And when will you be six years old?” he asked.

“When I get off the bus,” answered the boy.