From eternity with love

Submitted by
Pastor Sean Ward
Apostolic Way

Recently, I became third party to a conversation that took place with regards to whether or not the Bible account is true.
I would like to present the following six miracle proofs in response!
1. Miracle of Antiquity
The Bible took more than 1,500 years to complete. While some Old Testament manuscripts date back earlier than 300 BC, the Old Testament mostly was completed by 300 BC—with some setting the date possibly at 500 BC.
Some New Testament manuscripts date back to 125 AD and the earliest complete Bible dates to around 300 AD.
Most publishers consider a book to be “dead” after five years and yet the Bible continues to be a best-seller in the present day!
It is estimated that more than two billion Bibles have been distributed in 1,100 languages.
2. Miracle of Accuracy
Although the Bible is not a historical document, its recorded historical events have proven to be accurate.
One example occurred in 1854 when H.C. Rawlinson discovered cylinders with the inscription “Belshazzar my eldest son.”
Previously, scholars had held the Biblical account in question because Belshazzar was not included in the known list of Babylonian kings.
Other discoveries, such as the Hittite Empire, have proven the Bible accounts of history to be true.
3. Miracle of Harmony
With more than 40 writers and 66 books, there is one single and progressive message that finds its conclusion in Jesus, fully God and yet fully human, giving His life on a cross to save people from their sin.
There are 333 prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in the New Testament. Many of the prophecies, such as His place of birth, could never have been “set up.”
4. Miracle of Preservation
Many rulers have tried to destroy the Bible. Between 1618 and 1648, Spanish soldiers destroyed hundreds of thousands of manuscripts.
The philosopher Voltaire said in the 1700s that the Bible would be forgotten in 100 years. Today, there are more than 13,000 original manuscripts in existence.
As a comparison, Aristotle and Plato combined have less than 20 manuscripts.
There are Old Testament manuscripts that can be viewed today that are almost 2,500 years old.
5. Miracle of Preparation
The ancient Masoretts had a tradition that governed the scribe’s trade of copying the scrolls. Such care was taken when writing the Old Testament they would count the letters per page and if one mistake was found, they would start over.
It could take 15 years to complete one copy.
Due to the sheer number of New Testament manuscripts, scholars can say that in 1,000 words, there is absolutely no doubt that 999 of them are the actual words of the Apostles.
6. Miracle of Testimony
The greatest miracle of the Bible is that millions of people today still lay claim to having their lives transformed by its truth.
It is difficult to argue with a personal testimony of deliverance and healing.
Call on Jesus with all your heart and believe His blood was shed for you. Turn away from anything in your life that does not please God.
Be immersed in water and baptized in the precious name of Jesus, and He will fill you with His Spirit! You will speak in heavenly tongues and your life will be changed forever. (Mk 16:16-17, Acts 2:38).
The old rugged cross made the difference for me and there is still room at that cross for you!