‘DriveWise’ over the holidays

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Oh, December—the month when days are short, roads are snowy, and your mood is expected to be light and cheery.
There’s shopping, visiting, and entertaining. It is a time that often can feel overwhelming and a bit insane.
But try not to let the insanity affect your driving.
The “shortest” day of the year occurs in December, which means much of your driving this month will be in the dark and often in the snow.
As such, allow yourself extra time to get to your destinations by leaving earlier and being patient when the weather is bad.
When driving with reduced visibility or traction, slow down and keep extra space in front of you. When you need to brake, brake early and gently.
Take extra precautions when the roads might be icy.
Winter only lasts a few months; take the time to drive safely.
Whether you like it or not, a few of your errands this month will land you in a chaotic parking lot. Drive slowly to keep everyone safe.
Scan under and through vehicles for pedestrians, watch for drivers backing out of parking spots, and always be ready to stop.
Mostly, remember to be patient and keep things merry by being considerate—even when you can’t find a parking spot.
Between the extra road trips and running around, December is an exhausting month; make sure you are fit for the drive.
Fatigue decreases your awareness and can be as impairing as alcohol.
Before getting into your car, make sure you feel alert and, of course, sober.
The OPP’s annual Festive R.I.D.E. campaign is in full force again this year, and we all can do our part to make the roads safer by choosing not to drive if we’ve been drinking.
And maybe give the gift of safe driving by selecting a driving course at DriveWise!