Critters coming out of the woodwork

With spring finally sprung and mudding in the garden in full swing, it’s just amazing what kind of critters are coming out of the woodwork, or burrows as the case may be.
The skunks are roaming widely and soon a new batch of little ones will be busy getting themselves squashed on the highways.
Oh, the smell . . . sweeter than the last rose of summer.
Deer the same. The does, after dropping their fawns, will be busy darting out in front of you, stopping, and then heading back across in front of you again.
Seems a death wish goes with recent motherhood.
The geese, meanwhile, were back in the park in force. You know the expression, “Like grass through a goose,” with the trouble being what goes in as grass doesn’t come out quite the same—just lots of it.
I was prepared for a greasy bike path with a special set of fenders installed to stop the grey-green spray from striping both my front and backside, but I have been pleasantly surprised.
Not a goose in sight. Could it be the recent high water drowned out their nests and they’ve moved on to drier climes?
I’ve noted a couple other villains scurrying about neighbourhood gardens. That groundhog is flirting with death checking out Joan and Dana’s prize plants.
Daughters are another issue. They are always dragging home stray critturs—boyfriends or pets (same difference). Nicki, for instance, brought home a cute new puppy: a six-week-old Great Dane already nearing the size of a Shetland pony.
“Isn’t he just adorable, Mom?” enthused Nicki as the mutt slobbered and nuzzled her, and then piddled on the floor.
“Yeah, just as long as you clean up after him!” snapped Peggy, handing Nicki the mop and a look of disdain.
The tenor of the relationship soured noticeably the next day.
“That stupid $%&* mutt dug up 10 of my newly-planted geraniums!” roared Peggy after viewing her prize garden.
“Motherrrr! He’s not a mutt! He a purebred calico Great Dane with a long pedigree!” protested Nicki, shocked by her mother’s violent tone.
“Well, he’s going to be the last of his long line if he ever get’s in my garden again. Be warned!” snarled Peggy as she headed out in a futile attempt to repair the dog damage.
And the good news continues. The mutt gets left with the parents while Nicki is off to her summer job.
A boyfriend you simply could give the boot down the road.