Agenda to deliver real change

Don Rusnak

Now that Parliament has returned, I’m excited to be a part of the ambitious legislative agenda to deliver real change for Canadians.

While most MPs still were waiting for office assignments, our government sat in the House of Commons and took the first steps towards passing Bill C-2, An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act, which will cut the tax rate for middle-class families to 20.5 percent from 22 percent.

This is made possible by raising taxes on those who make more than $200,000 a year.

I was happy to see the bill garner the support of our NDP colleagues, and look forward to taking the next steps in strengthening our middle class.

We also are in the process of conducting cross-country budget consultations as the Liberal government’s first budget will be drafted soon.

I am proud to say we plan to fulfill our promise to invest in middle-class families, as well as create jobs by investing in roads, transit, housing, and “green” infrastructure.

I personally will be conducting budget consultations with Thunder Bay-Rainy River communities from Feb. 8-12 and look forward to receiving your input.

I know the current state of the economy is on the minds of many in our riding; I assure you our government is concerned about the country’s economic situation and its impact on all Canadians.

That’s why we are planning to double infrastructure investments over the next 10 years, and have Minister Sohi work closely with the provinces and territories to stimulate the economy.

Through this collaboration, the existing $10 billion from the New Building Canada Fund will be allocated as soon as possible.

As we start this new year as a new government, I look forward to the challenges and successes ahead.

Our team is committed to bringing real change to Canadians, and I’m working diligently to ensure the voice of Thunder Bay-Rainy River is well-represented in Ottawa.