“The 2023 The Prairie Garden: Climate-Aware Gardening”

The Prairie Garden Committee is excited to announce that the 2023, 84th annual edition, of the Prairie Garden periodical, entitled, “Climate-Aware Gardening”, was released in early November and is available to order. Order your copy and one for your favourite gardener today by visiting the website:  www.theprairiegarden.com, or email – sales@prairiegarden.ca. More information including, e-transfer instructions, shipping costs and available back issues, can be sought using the website and/or email address.

The Prairie Garden is central and western Canada’s only gardening annual. The articles are written by experienced gardeners of the prairie provinces and northwestern Ontario, many with multiple decades of gardening experience.  Many of the Committee members and volunteer writers, make or have made their living in the plant science and/or horticulture sectors. The dedicated volunteers put forth endless hours of volunteer time to ensure the content of the periodical is accurate and informative, and that the final draft is aesthetically pleasing as well as up to date and detailed in its information. I had the honour and pleasure of being invited to contribute to and be involved with the “The Prairie Garden” starting with the 2011 edition. You will find “Gardening Guru” articles published in the 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2021 editions.

As always, The Prairie Garden aims to be a guide for gardeners of all skill levels and in the shorter-season, gardening zones, of Canada. The 2023 edition, layout what home gardeners can do to adapt their gardening practices in the face of the changing climate. Articles about the use of native and drought-resistant plants, water management; composting, and the importance of healthy soil can help guide you to be a better and more effective gardener.   In this issue you will also discover how to reduce your carbon footprint by using less plastic, planting more trees and using mulch. And, the reputation of being a leading source of information continues with additional as always, articles of general interest to all who garden in our short-season planting zones.  Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran gardener you will find this an useful guide and companion for future gardening seasons. 

The dedicated readers of the “The Prairie Garden” know that this soft-cover book is very professionally crafted and top quality, chock full of full-colour printing and gorgeous photos, graphics and illustrations that complement most articles. And I can guarantee, this publication will keep every gardener, from novice to experienced, busy reading all through the winter months. Also remember that back issues are always available for immediate shipping, so don’t forget to check out previous editions available to complete your collection.

Don’t delay!!! Visit the website today and place your order and have your copy(ies) delivered, right to your door. Imagine how happy the gardener in your life will be, as this digest is an informative purchase that will make a great gift, keepsake  and reference manual for any gardener.