The positive way you think

Everyone knows how important it is to stay positive. But knowing it and doing it are two different things.
There are so many negatives in the world around us and difficulties in our own personal lives, especially as we get older. We easily could give up on trying to stay positive and give in to despair.
But what good would that do, I ask. Why purposely set yourself up for a dismal future?
What you have to do is make a choice. Are you going to give in to negativity? Or are you going to take the hard road and strive to stay positive? It’s entirely up to you. It’s your choice!
Just, for instance, if you can’t sleep in the early-morning hours, get a lift by listening to the summer birds chirping away. If your vision is impaired, be thankful that you can walk.
On the other hand, if you are restricted to a wheelchair, be thankful that you have excellent hearing.
And if you sometimes feel “down,” call a friend and chat.
Get the picture? It’s your choice. But there are a few simple things you can do to help in your quest for positivity.
1). Begin the day right. Eat a healthy breakfast and think pleasant thoughts while you eat.
2). Eat healthy all day. Focus on veggies and fruits. Eat healthy proteins. Drink plenty of water and don’t overdo the sugar.
3). Exercise. Take a brisk walk. Go to a water aerobics or strength training class–possibly in the morning when you’re fresh. It will give you positive energy for the whole day.
If possible, make your exercise time a social occasion. It’s no fun exercising alone.
4). Always remember, you can’t have too many friends. Choose your friends because of their positive characteristics.
5). Take a news break. There are so many sad news stories you can’t do anything about.
It’s depressing, so take a week off. No television news, no front-page news. Focus on your garden or nature instead.
6). Make sure you laugh every single day. Watch an old sitcom, share a joke, or just laugh for the fun of it. There’s nothing like a hearty laugh to make you feel good inside.
And don’t forget to smile at everyone you meet.
7). Live in the present. Let go of the past–the old hurts and the old regrets. And don’t worry about the future. After all, the past is gone and the future (when it comes) will be the present.
All you really have is this present moment. Enjoy it!
It reminds me of one of our recent calendar sayings: “I love the positive way I think.”
That’s what it takes–positive thinking. The positive way you think is critical in your life.
So choose now to be positive and squash negative thoughts the second they come to mind. Focus on the bright side.
And remember, the positive way you think makes all the difference!
Marie Snider is an award-winning health writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at