Look at the world sideways

A year-and-a-half ago, our family purchased a wonderful new vehicle, especially for me.
As usual, it was not really “new.” Being frugal, my husband does not believe in buying new cars.
“The minute you drive a new vehicle off the lot, it loses one-third of its value,” he says.
But this new/used van fits our needs perfectly. And we have to thank our good friend Bill (“Dutch”) Ediger for finding it for us.
We first met Dutch years ago in a square dance club, and he has found all of our vehicles ever since. Dutch is an unusual car salesman—we just tell him what we need and he finds it!
This vehicle is a modified van for a person who uses a wheelchair—and that’s me, a result of a stroke some years ago.
In order to enter the van, we just punch a button. The whole chassis gradually lowers, followed by the lowering of a gentle ramp. And, presto, I can easily get into the van!
To reverse the process, we punch the magic button again.
The vehicle is a miracle. But the most interesting thing about it is that I often ride sideways instead of facing front. Especially on our short ride from our house to the pool where I exercise every day.
Amazingly, seeing the world “sideways” changes everything! And as I survey the landscape, I almost always feel like humming lovesick Freddy’s song from “My Fair Lady.”
As Freddy walks down the street where Eliza lives, he sings, “I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before.”
This time it is different. He has fallen in love and everything looks beautiful.
I feel the same way riding in our van. Now, I see things “sideways” and that makes all the difference.
The trees are more stately, the houses more interesting, the landscaping more varied, and the fall leaves more stunning. And sometimes I see the crimson rising sun.
As I pass down the street sideways, I think about the people who live in the houses–their dreams and hopes. Other times, I mull over the history of the street.
When we built our house 40 years ago, we had the whole development to ourselves. One lonely house on a half-finished street. A house that was “not straight with the world” to the dismay of some native Kansans!
During the past 40 years, neighbours have come and gone. But, fortunately, some have stayed.
There is so much to think about when you see things from a different angle. It brings a new perspective on life. And I like what I see!
I feel like Freddy, “For there’s no where else on earth that I would rather be.”
Why don’t you try it sometime? Have someone else drive the car down your street, or some other street that you love, and look sideways.
We miss so much in life by only looking one direction. A fresh perspective can change everything!
So why not begin looking—really looking. What new beauty do you see; what new insights do you have?
And don’t be afraid to look at the world sideways!
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