Great attitude key to success

Last week, my daughter raved about a book she was reading from my library titled “The Difference Maker.”
She insisted that I had to introduce the book to my readers.
Since I respect her judgment, and the whole title intrigued me, I decided to write about “The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset.”
These days I always read e-books, so I decided to buy a Kindle copy. But to my disappointment, this book by John Maxwell is not available in that format.
On a whim, I searched my e-library to see if I owned any other books by Maxwell, an immensely-popular author who has sold 13 million books.
And what a find! I discovered “Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda.”
In “Make Today Count,” Maxwell focuses on 12 things to be done daily in order to be successful as a person–today!
He begins with attitude and ends with growth. I’ve pulled out the six points that were most helpful for me.
1. Attitude
“If you desire to make your day a masterpiece, then you need to have a great attitude.”
According to Maxwell, the old saying “attitude is everything” is true. If your attitude is not good now, you need to change it.
There is no place for negativity. Cultivate a positive attitude. Have positive conversations.
Value people and try to bring out the best in everyone.
“Conduct yourself like the person you want to become,” Maxwell says.
2. Priorities
We each have 24 hours a day. You can choose what you do with them.
Keep focused, and always remember that there is enough time if you priorize.
Think what is most important to you. And then do it!
3. Health
Take care of your health. Follow the rules. After all, what is more important than your health?
And remember that attitude affects health, especially negativity.
4. Family
Each family situation is unique. But if you don’t have a traditional family, form a surrogate one.
Make close friends and see them often, especially this side of 60.
“I can tell you this: no matter what your situation is, you can benefit from the stability that comes from communicating with and caring for your family daily,” says Maxwell.
5. Thinking
Great thinking comes from good thinking, says Maxwell. He relates a story about John Kilcullen, the creator of the “Dummies” series of how-to books.
A friend of Kilcullen’s had heard someone in a bookstore ask for a simple book on Microsoft DOS–“something like DOS for dummies.”
It was meant as a joke. But this simple remark inspired Kilcullen to launch his world-famous “Dummies” series.
That’s what thinking can do!
6. Growth
Read books. Take notes, underline, and discuss the ideas. Grow with other people. Work on projects with other people.
And remember that whether you are 91 or 19, you must keep growing.
So why not read “Make Today Count” and follow its advice.
“Your attitude colours every aspect of your life,” says Maxwell. “It is like the mind’s paintbrush.”
So always remember that if you desire to paint a masterpiece today, you need to have a great attitude.
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