Benefits of water are many

Computers and problems go together like a cup and saucer, and like an ear and earring.
As everyone knows, problems are inevitable if you use a computer. And, just as in all of life, these problems almost always occur when you are in a hurry or trying to meet a deadline.
Once again, it happened to me last week as I was trying to finish my column.
My computer had been doing funny things for a few days. And suddenly, the icons on the screen rearranged themselves in a willy-nilly fashion. And my working file was GONE!
Worst of all, I couldn’t recall the exact title of the temporary document, which made searching very difficult. Then, in my confusion, I accidentally knocked over a full glass of water on the desk in the general area of my computer.
What a mess! My screen and keyboard were standing in water, and some water had crept under the computer.
I quickly got piles of towels to sop up the water, hoping to protect the computer and the surface of my beautiful desk, which my son had hand-crafted.
The desk, the computer, and the screen survived just fine. But the keyboard didn’t like the idea of having water standing between the keys.
Needless to say, I now have a new keyboard!
It’s true that computers and problems go together. But, unfortunately, computers and liquids do not mix well.
That is really a problem for me since I spend eight-10 hours a day at the computer. I also know how important it is to consume lots of liquids, so this poses a dilemma.
My desk is large. Large enough for three drinks at a time: water, orange juice, and my favourite, coffee. So this isn’t the first time I have spilled liquids on my desk (at least this time it wasn’t sticky orange juice!)
As bad as it is to spill liquids near the computer, however, not drinking for eight-10 hours a day would be much, much worse.
One of my favourite websites––has an excellent article by nutritionist Kathleen Zelman entitled “6 Reasons to Drink Water.” Water is not a magic bullet, says Zelman, but the benefits of water are many:
1). Drinking lots of water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.
Remember, your body is composed of 60 percent water, and being adequately hydrated helps all your bodily functions.
2). Plenty of water helps control your weight. After all, water has no calories!
3). Water helps energize muscles. Too little water even can result in muscle fatigue.
4). Water can keep your skin younger looking.
Zelman also recommends using a moisturizing cream in order to create a physical barrier to keep moisture in.
5). Water helps your kidneys function.
Enough said! Everyone knows how critical kidneys are.
6). Water helps maintain normal bowel function.
“Adequate hydration keeps things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract,” says Zelman.
She says the recommended eight glasses a day may not be necessary. But drink plenty. How about having a goal of at least six or seven glasses for your health!
So drink up–water, juice, milk, tea, or coffee (your choice). But don’t spill it on your computer keyboard!
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