Writing my ‘Moos’ with heavy heart

I debated heavily on writing a “Moos” this week, but then remembered how much Nanny waited for Thursday as it was delivery day of “The Big Paper!”
It wasn’t that she longed to read the “Moos” but the “big paper” was her source of current local news and events that she read cover to cover. There has been many newspaper clippings cut and stashed over her 87 years.
Sadly, Nanny passed away on Christmas Day and we have a huge empty spot in our hearts these past few days.
She lived and died the way she wanted, so we do need to find comfort in that—and in the days ahead I am certain we will.
I will share more memories about the bravest, strongest, most stubborn, independent women I will ever know but I will need to gather my thoughts and emotions.
• • •
On Christmas Eve, as we were busy preparing for the festivities to start, my boyfriend/partner was called to work in Kirkland Lake, Ont. He wasn’t real excited about going but it turned out that Damien was invited to work, as well, so off they drove through the night.
There had been a horrible wind storm in Northeastern Ontario and at one point 97,000 people were without power.
I just kept thinking about all the families waiting for Santa and no power!
• • •
So despite our sadness, we still had a wonderful Christmas with our family and friends.
Maddie and Marlee were thrilled with all their gifts and we were so happy to have them with us—maybe a little more this Christmas.
• • •
I wish everyone a great New Year and hope you take the time to spend it with the people who you care about the most!