Wrapping up final chores

Another frosty morning on Monday but I think this is the only way I’ll be able to tackle some straw baling–and plowing work that I still need to do!
It will require a fair bit of clothing but I will try to finish these jobs (if you see me off the tractor and on the ground, you may need to come and roll me over so I can get up!)
I finally submitted the Ontario Performance data for the wheat trial last week. So now we will finish cleaning our other cereal trials and then finally the soybeans.
We likely won’t tackle the soybeans until next week but I’m anxious to see how they turned out.
Some of our farmers still are trying to combine soybeans here in the district, but it’s been so wet that they likely are waiting for frosty mornings, as well.
It really has been a challenging year; but farmers are always optimistic that next year will be better!
• • •
Since the grass is still green, I did some electric fencing over the weekend and will move a few cows back over to Nanny’s to eat some grass.
The lack of daylight hours makes for getting much done after work at the ag station a challenge, so this might not happen until the weekend.
Hope we still have green grass by then and not white snow!
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association had its last cattle sale of the year Saturday at the Stratton sale barn, where 1,023 head were sold for a total dollar value of $904,078.04.
Prices remained good and I think everyone was pleased. We sold some cattle online, as well.
The RRCA would like to thank everyone for their support. We have a great bunch of people who work at the sales barn, along with all our producers and all our buyers who support us.
We know it is hard to please everyone but we do try, and we welcome all your compliments or complaints. There always is room for improvement and sometimes the people on the outside can see things in a way that we, on the inside, do not so don’t be afraid to share information.
• • •
A reminder that the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is hosting its annual fall meeting/entertainment night this Saturday (Nov. 4) at the Emo Legion.
The board is working hard to try and make this a bigger, well-attended event.
At one time, the annual meeting was quite a big, well-known event. Alas, we all have become so busy just farming that we don’t take the time for a well-needed night out.
It’s a great time to catch up with everyone–and, of course, we will talk about the weather because that is what we do!
Some great entertainment also is lined up featuring cowboy poet and humorist “Rhymin’ Diamond” Doug Keith.
Any RRFA director will be happy to sell you a ticket! Let’s try and get together and help the RRFA makes this a big event again!
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were out for a bit over the weekend (they have a brand new “family deer stand” that they tried out).
I’m not sure how quiet they have to be or how long the quiet will last, but they have lots of room anyway.
My dad, meanwhile, was busy watching hockey very intently when my mom said something to him. But, of course, he didn’t hear her.
Marlee quickly said, “Tony Bliss–you need to listen to Grandma!”
Funny, she can block out her listening at times but she wasn’t going to let Grandpa!