Work winds up as holidays approach

I always have big plans to get my Christmas decorations up early so that I could admire them a bit longer, but my month is jammed packed with meetings and events. I didn’t plan on November looking like this. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, but I am the only one to blame. I start to get stressed with things piling up and I don’t seem to be making any headway. I have big plans of doing some serious housework and another round of purging, but my extra curricular work seems to get in the way!

I was pleased to get my calves vaccinated and dewormed and out of the corral on Saturday! They were likely happier than me. I also vaccinated, dewormed, and put my ram out for breeding. The ram was very excited. The small animals are very unimpressed with the foot conditions. They don’t like the mud and let me tell you there is plenty of mud around. It is one of my worst falls for a messy barn yard. I am trying to feed the cows in a somewhat dry place, but it doesn’t take long for it too be a wet mess.

This is my last week to have my assistant at the Research Station. We were trying out best to get Three Sister’s project finished but we realize now that we can’t possibly do that. I still have a year-end report to write, never mind clean-up!

This weekend the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is hosting their AGM on Saturday at the Emo Legion. I hope they have a great turn out as I know how much work it is planning and organizing things.

The Rainy River District 4-H Association is hosting their Annual Awards Night Saturday November 25th in Stratton. This is a night of recognizing our 4-H Leaders, Members, and 4-H supporters. We are also excited that 4-H Ontario has hired Katie Hay to act as a liaison for the Northwest. It is great that 4-H Ontario is trying to keep us well informed and included. At one time we had a much more active group, and we had members that were attending more of the provincial events. I am hoping that Katie will get everyone fired up again! She was a great 4-H member so I think it will be an excellent fit.

Sounds like Rainy River Meats is getting caught up and we will be able to start getting animals back into the abattoir! Great news. I have had customers asking about their meat and my response has been “well they are still walking in the field currently!” My freezer is empty as well. I think I can take some animals again next week and I am pleased!

Wishing everyone a great week – if you are bored, we have plenty of seeds to count!