Wishing for good weather

If we only could have held onto last week’s weather for another week!
It took a while to get back on the land last week but once we did the heat and breeze were just awesome for making hay. I actually thought we might get a couple of decent hours on Sunday but that didn’t happen.
We didn’t have a whole lot left to bale but we had to quit Saturday night since it was getting to tough to bale.
Saturday was a very busy day. It was nearly 30 degrees by 9 a.m. and my comment was: “It’s a bull pullin’, square balin’, hay cutting—kind of day!”
We didn’t have time to cut hay and since the weather looked like it was going to change we didn’t push for cutting. Thanks to my help, we did make a beautiful load of square bales.
I still can’t believe at one time we square-baled all our land. Guess we were all younger and I honestly think we had better weather and drying conditions in those good ole’ days.
This week isn’t looking much like a hay making week but I sure hope another good week of weather will come our way.
• • •
We have a new puppy in our lives!
My mom and dad had started a search for a new dog the last month or so. They had in their minds that they wanted a yellow lab type of dog and they would try find a rescue dog since so many need a good home.
They found a few but couldn’t always connect to get one and then last week some cute puppies came up on one of the sites my mom had been monitoring in Winnipeg. They quickly filled out their adoption application and were on their way into the city anyway so thought they would stop in for a quick visit.
They were unfortunately turned down and could not visit since they wouldn’t adopt to a county home or someone that far from the city because they would need to be able to do a site visit!
I found that incredibly sad! My goodness—these people are continually looking for homes and money but wouldn’t even consider them.
Thankfully, Fort Frances Friends of Animals had a yellow puppy that apparently had been found in a culvert and she is now part of the Bliss Family!
The girls are loving her and the only discussion in how we choose to spell her name—either Daysee or Daisee.
Either way, she is loved and will have a great life in the country.
• • •
I spent some time in the plots last week doing heading dates and disease notes.
Our plots are relatively clean and few diseases are showing up. I am so happy with how well the grain is doing.
I cannot predict yield but things are shaping up quite nicely. We have some really tall barley, wheat and oats so hopefully they won’t lodge now.
• • •
A reminder that our EARS Open House is booked for Wednesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association will host their tour as well on that day and the group will meet at EARS at 9:30 a.m.
You are asked to bring a lunch along.