Winter’s arrival causes mess

Well, it looks as though winter has arrived.
And as much as I enjoyed the milder weather, it certainly would have been nice if we had some cooler temperatures before the snow arrived. It has created quite a mess!
It really fools you, as well—thinking you can cruise along walking but you sink in a muddy mess under the snow.
I went through a couple pair of boots on Saturday just trying to do chores!
The temperatures did drop Saturday night but that created a bumpy mess that is hard on the feet of cattle. In fact, I noticed a few of them that walked and left a trail of blood from the uneven ground.
Then the water and ice was building up on any tails that were long and near the ground. We had to get one of our bulls in and chop off the ice that was frozen to the bottom of his tail—and then did the same thing with Alex (the horse).
• • •
I was really pleased to be home for the weekend and get my barn cleaned out, as well as see my cattle in daylight hours. I have two animals that I’m still feeding and they are booked to be butchered on Dec. 1.
The old cow did not seem to be feeling well. I decided that I wouldn’t sell her like that so I treated her.
She now will have to be postponed from the Dec. 1 date but I wasn’t comfortable selling her when she wasn’t acting herself. I could tell she wasn’t herself and it was bothering me, along with not seeing the cattle enough.
I always worry about having enough hay and then the tractor–you need it to feed and I was sure it wasn’t acting properly again. Sure enough, on Sunday as I was putting our feed for the week, it broke down on me again.
I was devastated (actually I still am). So I’m not sure what will happen now but I do know it is a challenge without a tractor.
• • •
I had been commenting on how much better hunting season was now that the law had changed so you are not allowed to hunt on the road.
Then last week, someone was shooting as I was getting ready for work.
I drove down to see what was happening–mainly because my cattle are behind the bush on one side of the road and you wouldn’t even know that when you are shooting.
And on the other side of the road is where my brother’s tree stands are, so it would be great if people didn’t shoot that way, either!
As soon as they saw me, they quickly took off in their vehicle (I guess they were guilty otherwise I’m sure they would have not been in such a rush).
Please respect other people’s property–and think about it . . . would you like that situation at your place?
I am not protecting the deer but I will protect my brother and my cattle.
• • •
If you have any spare time Monday evenings, you should pick yourself up a Bingo card and play “Radio Bingo.”
It is a great way to spend a little over an hour with a chance to win some cash while supporting girls’ hockey at the same time!
I don’t have a radio so I have to go over and play with my momma and daddy. We haven’t won yet but it is still pretty fun.
We would play as kids once in a while, but I just remember not having that great of radio service so you always were hoping you wouldn’t miss any of the numbers called.
Things are much better nowadays.
Mark (“Grizz”) from “Fool’s Gold” is the caller while other parents volunteer each week to make it all happen.
• • •
A reminder the Rainy River Hereford Association’s annual meeting will be held this Saturday (Nov. 28) at 7 p.m. at the Stratton seniors’ centre.
We will supply the meat and you just need to bring your favorite pot-luck dish! We also will have some great door prizes.
The association, meanwhile, needs to decide if this group should continue to exist.
• • •
As well, the Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association’s annual meeting is set for Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Emo Inn.
• • •
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