Winter warm-up not all positives

I know we all are enjoying our winter warm-up, including myself, but it does cause me some stress.
Cows enjoy it, too, but they tend to enjoy it too much and I worry about them getting on their back. They are eight months’ pregnant, the snow melts underneath them, and they can’t get up.
If that happens, they can die in as little as 15 minutes. So if you are not there at the right time, it is just too late (it is the most sickening feeling).
My almost step-kid and his girlfriend were out checking traps and thankfully thought they would take a zip through the cows. They found a cow on her back and somehow managed to get her back on her feet.
The second calver is doing fine but my almost step-kid is a bit sore. I’m just so happy he took the time to look but it was just being at the right place at the right time.
I tell myself all the time, “You can’t be there 24 hours a day,” but it certainly does keep me up at night. So while none of us want minus-40, minus-20 isn’t a bad thing.
Meanwhile, I’m thinking I might move my cows into the yard this week as they are starting to show some signs of calving now. I would like to get the first-calf heifers in and get them use to how things work.
It is time to start building those manure-moving muscles.
• • •
I was a bit disappointed with the lack of attendance at our RRCA annual meeting last week.
Mind you, I don’t want to take away from the good people who did show up. There are many people that put in many hours into making our district a better place.
It just would be nice if others showed interest and support.
Typically, the times that you hear from your membership is when they are unhappy about something or you have done something wrong. It’s too bad that we can’t make it happen on both ends of the spectrum.
Either way, I’m happy to have a great board to work with this year, consisting of Louis Bujold, Shawn Hyatt, Rey Chartier, Rodger Irvine, Clayton Teeple, Stacey Angus, Aaron Kuorikoski, Murray McDonald, Scott McNabb, Corrie Govier, and Lisa Teeple.
Thanks to Blackhawk Simmentals for sponsoring our coffee break and, of course, Shirley and Kristine for putting it all together!
As well, Barry Potter and Jason Reid had some excellent information updates while our own Gary Sliworsky handled our elections with ease!
• • •
I was in Thunder Bay for the day on Friday participating in an “ag summit” hosted by the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance (NOFIA), which drew a room full of keen people looking to better our industry and keep Northern Ontario on the map!
Northern Development and Mines minister Michael Gravelle attended and announced the Northern Ontario Agri-Food Strategy.
This is exciting time to be involved in agriculture in the north. There is a lot happening, and the province is recognizing the importance of us and our land.
I really was pleased about connecting with some Lakehead researchers at this meeting.
• • •
On Saturday, we were able to join in on the “Farm Smart” conference in Guelph. The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association hosted this event and though there were a few technical difficulties, it was a great day with some very dynamic speakers.
Again, more of you need to participate in these events! It is not expected that we will be trekking off to Guelph but they are making it possible by hosting these webinars.
I actually found the speakers and topics top-notch! Watch for next year and be sure to sign up!