Winter storm not welcome

Last week’s winter storm certainly was not a welcome sight!
What a mess—and then with all the drifting, I had stuff lost right in my yard. I also ended up getting the tractor stuck trying to make my way to feed the heifers (couldn’t see my trail and that was it!)
Thankfully, my dad was able to get me out and then he plowed me a few roads so I wouldn’t run into that same problem.
Now it sounds like we are in for a rather cold week.
We’ve certainly been experiencing winter at its finest this year and it’s certainly making for a lot more work, burning more fuel, and just plain crabby people (me being one of them).
I was trying to be positive the other day thinking that spring will be coming. And then I thought we still have to tackle March, which can give us some pretty nasty weather!
• • •
The calves have been rolling in quite nicely. Again, with the weather I find it is making more work (well, maybe not even more work but more worry!)
I always can analyze a situation to think of the worst thing that could happen. And sure enough, right as the men’s gold-medal hockey game was about to start Sunday morning, I had a cow with a backwards calf so that one had to be pulled.
Fortunately, all turned out well and her name is “Price-less” after the star Canadian goalie.
I also have a poor cow with lots of milk that either stepped on her teat or someone else stepped on it and it is a mess. And as you can imagine, it hurts so treating it isn’t all that fun.
The cows have been huddling trying to keep warm and out of the wind, just like summertime when the bugs are bad, and something is bound to get stepped on.
• • •
How about those Olympics! It appeared Sochi, Russia put on an unbelievable show.
I am so proud of all our Canadian athletes and their hard work, and gold medals in curling and hockey—whoo hooo.
I’m going to miss watching the events now!
• • •
I am participating in a few webinars this week.
Webinars are a wonderful way to continue learning right from your own home. You simply log into the session on your computer and listen and learn (I was learning about growing hops Monday night).
I strongly encourage you to participate in this technology as it works great.
• • •
Joe Sletmoen, Rey Chartier, and Bryan Kelly represented Rainy River District at the Beef Farmers on Ontario annual meeting last week.
Joe also sat on the panel discussion about farming in the north.
Since I’m busy at home with calves (and winter), I could not attend the annual meeting. But many of my friends from the meeting were busy e-mailing and texting to let me know what a great job Joe did representing the north!
Thanks for making the trip Joe, Rey, and Bryan.